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Ασπάζομαι το κειμενό σου -και νομίζω το ξέρεις-, αλλά δεν σου επιτρέπω να μηδενίζεις τον αγώνα και τον λόγο μου, εμένα και των συντρόφων μου (συμπεριλαμβανομένου κι εσένα). Νομίζω ξέρεις καλά τιπροσπάθειες καταβάλλοντε , νομίζω γνωρίζεις που βρισκόμαστε στο σύνολό μας και πόσο δύσκολο είναι να αρθρώσεις λόγο σε ένα αποπνικτικά απαθη λαό.

Much more defense: UN claims Earth's ozone layer is therapeutic The ozone layer were thinning Because the late 1970s.

We question, ask for, beg the global indymedia network once more to you should reconsider, and come across techniques to extend some specialized support to us in order that we could provide Open Publishing to the Cyprus IndyMedia Web site. The Group should be given the tools to express by itself directly.

Why You should not you talk to him on to figure out his precise romance with cyprus indymedia?

We wish to verify The reality that “indymedia” CYPRUS is controlled by a number of Individuals who have absolutely nothing to carry out With all the grassroots Group on the island.

Uber really wants to resume self-driving motor vehicle assessments on public roads Uber hopes to resume testing on general public roadways just about 8 months just after amongst its autonomous take a look at vehicles hit and killed an Arizona pedestrian

Many of the article content we publish as being a Collective are even signed with certain names so that there will be considered a experience that has a name and address connected to All those positions, so that the folks inside our community - to whom we are morally and politically accountable each day, the place we see them at perform As well as in the road - can are aware that our do the job is just not just a few ravings of read more a gaggle hiding behind an "anonymous" facade. We explain this inside our To put it briefly short article titled:

Plainly some Comments are increasingly being posted in this article which can be too extended, and the automatic process is rejecting them, although leaving a trace while in the admin tools.

αυτό είναι ένα πράγμα και άλλο φυσικά να ταυτίζεται μια τέτοια συνεργασία σε βαθμό που να πάνε πακέτο την στιγμή που υπάρχουν αβυσαλλέες διαφορές

Apple's 4Q, adjust in apple iphone sales disclosure jar traders Right after Apple's iPhone income disappoint investors, firm raises extra concerns by closing window accustomed to gauge product's popularity

’” Then we additional a category that Facebook recommended when we typed in “Hitler”: a category known as “Hitler did absolutely nothing Incorrect.” All have been called “fields of analyze.”

τα παιδιά της ένωσης αναρχικών καμιά σχέση δεν έχουν με όσα τους καταλογίζονται και άλλωστε όταν γίνονταν όλα αυτά που αναφέρονται με το καρτάς κλπ δεν υπήρχε καν αυτή η ένωση και πολλά παιδιά δεν γνώριζαν τότε καν τι είναι ο αναρχισμός ;)

Τωρά με το τραβηκτήκαν οι κόκκινες γραμμές, τρέχουν να ταμπουρωθούν πίσω που τις θρασύδειλες τους "θέσεις". Αά, οι ψευδο-αναρχικοί ομολογούν πιό πάνω πως όλοι τους εξέραν γιά τις χρηματοδοτήσεις αλλά ΟΥΔΕΙΣ τους έγραψε μιά λέξη γιά τούτο.

για μένα δεν τίθεται θέμα υποστήριξης οιασδήποτε κρατικής μορφής

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